Your Team's Specialist in Bioanalysis

With over two decades of bioanalytical work in both large and small molecule analysis, laboratory setup and operations, skills in assay development, validation, clinical sample management, and regulatory planning involving various types of molecules (such as liposomal cancer drugs, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, proteins, enzymes, biomarkers, ADA, NAb), I have the expertise to advance your project.

Explore the many services Ajivia Bioanalytical Consulting offers including consulting in project management, logistics, and strategic planning that will help set your project up for regulatory compliance

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Bioanalytical Expertise

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Experience with in diverse bioanalytical assays (bioanalysis, immunogenicity, biomarkers) for small and large. Offers troubleshooting, GxP validation, and comprehensive documentation reviews

Project Management and Logistics

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Evaluates and selects bioanalytical CROs, manages proposals, reviews project scope and budgets, oversees CRO management and timelines, develops lab manuals, and ensures proper clinical sample handling and analysis processes.


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Assess existing bioanalytical reports and assay performance for regulatory compliance, evaluate programs to determine appropriate strategy for different development stages, and review laboratory processes for compliance and growth.

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Bioanalytical Consulting

A bioanalytical consultant plays a critical role in ensuring robust and compliant bioanalytical methods throughout the drug development lifecycle. A consultant can act as the bioanalytical SME for your small biotech, or complement expertise you already have on board. While working with a variety of compounds and for a many companies with different cultures, they have broad expertise and can readily adapt to your project's needs.

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